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5 Easy Ways to Save Energy in the Home

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We’re always being told of the best ways to save energy to help the environment, but saving energy can also be about saving money and conserving our resources. The more energy we save, the longer our current energy sources will last, which will prevent them from becoming more expensive in the future.

Shower Power

People always recommend showering instead of bathing and taking shorter showers to conserve water, but there’s even more that you can do.

If your shower takes hot water straight from your boiler, unlike an electric shower, then it could be an idea to fit a water-efficient shower head. This could reduce your hot water usage whilst still maintaining the sensation of a powerful shower and could save a family of four around £65 a year on gas for water heating as well as a further £95 on water bills if you are on a water meter.

Put on a warm woolly

Another way to save energy that may seem self-explanatory is to reduce the heating throughout your house. Reducing your heating by 1 °C could save you as much as £60 per year. If you are feeling a bit chilly put an extra layer on before blasting the heating on, as this too can use more energy than a low and steady temperature.

Stock up

It may surprise you but empty space in your fridge or freezer can actually cause it to work harder. Although it may seem quite costly to have a full fridge, it can be a good idea to look at how it is arranged to fill in any big gaps, as doing this can help save energy.

Put the kettle on!

When you brew yourself a cup of tea, don’t boil unnecessary amounts of water. Only boil as much as you need as it can waste energy boiling 1 litre of water compared to 300ml; you’ll also get your cup of tea ready that little bit quicker!

Turn it off

A lot of people don’t believe that having an appliance on standby, or just plugged in with the mains switch on, uses a lot of energy. The Energy Savings Trust states that up to £80 a year is wasted on this. Try to get into a habit of switch things off overnight, and in particular, when you go away for a long weekend. Households waste £227 million a year leaving appliances on standby with mobile phone chargers contributing to £28.9 million of this wastage.

Energy saving doesn’t only have to be about the long-term effects on the environment, but about helping people make every day convinces that little bit more affordable.


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