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5 reasons why the UK is reliant on imported gas

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Ensuring that the 24 million homes and businesses across the UK aren’t kept in the dark is by no means an easy task. Energy suppliers must be continually on the ball in order to safeguard the success of combining a mix of sources on an international scale.

It’s no surprise then that the National Grid has recently warned that the UK could be almost entirely dependent on gas imports by 2040, especially given the recent referendum results.

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However, prior to this report, former Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Amber Rudd, announced an ambitious fifth carbon target for 2030 amidst fears that the UN climate change agreement would fall victim to the EU referendum. This aim is reported to essentially diminish reliance on imported gas from other countries, as more and more of the UK’s energy supply would come from renewable sources. But how long will this target take to implement?

After all, GMB stress that gas will remain crucially important in meeting the UK’s future energy needs. Could we achieve this through encouraging new methods of gas extraction within the UK?

Here are 5 reasons the UK is so reliant on imported gas.

5 reasons the UK reliant on gas