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Five ways for increased productivity

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything with your day, and the question of how to more productive is a questions that has crossed everyone’s minds at some point; whether it be in the world of work, whilst studying or when referring to household chores!

Precision Planning

Organisation is key: plan your day the night before and spend time scheduling a to-do list and prioritising it. This will not only give you a head start when beginning your day but will also push you to achieve the bigger goals with the tasks that have been highlighted.

Start Early, Stay Late

Sitting in traffic for hours on end will do nothing for productivity. Start your workday before everyone else in order avoid congestion and distraction from peers. You’ll get a head start on the most important tasks which will ultimately reflect positively on you and increase your output levels drastically.

Get out More

A breath of fresh air can do wonders for productivity levels. Getting out of the office on your lunch break and ‘clearing your head’ will ultimately give you a renewed perspective, as well as a burst of creativity and refocus. Exposure to vitamin D also regulates stress levels, reducing any anxiety built up throughout the day.

Minimise Distractions

The ability to set yourself boundaries and abide by them and to minimise distractions will increase efficiency significantly – whilst it’s imperative to employee happiness that good working relationships are established, keep the general chit chat to a minimum and focus on the jobs in hand.

Eyes on the Prize

Set yourself both short and long term goals and keep them in sight at all times. This will not only increase your productivity by providing bursts of motivation throughout the day but also through a sense of achievement upon realising that you have achieved some of those goals.

Compete with yourself in an attempt to improve daily performance. By recording your achievements, your productivity levels will soar to help you become more and more efficient, taking you one step closer to the ultimate goal.

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