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How can social media help (or harm) your job search?

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Digital innovation is now fully integrated into our everyday lives. In 2016, it is estimated that there will be approximately 2.13 billion users on social media worldwide, a dramatic increase from the 1.4 billion in 2012.

We use social media to connect and share with friends, to network with future contacts and, more and more, to seek new employment opportunities.

Half of all job seekers are active on social networking sites on a daily basis; surprisingly, 67% of these use Facebook for job hunting, whilst 45% use Twitter and 40% are using LinkedIn. Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are rapidly growing in popularity however, with an increasing number of those seeking employment turning to these diverse platforms in order to find their dream jobs.

One of the biggest recruitment trends of 2015, social media is something that is now a fully incorporated division of the talent pool in which recruiters search for the highest calibre of candidates to fill their vacancies.

LinkedIn remains the clear victor in social recruiting, with 94% of recruiters actually using the site and 79% of recruiters hiring candidates. Second to this, Facebook is now used by 66% of recruiters, a number still growing– so could Facebook be the next LinkedIn when it comes to social recruiting?

So how can these statistics help you utilise social media platforms in your search?


Your social media presence is of great significance to your employability, and while the manifestation of your accounts is essential in portraying your personality, it is equally important to be aware of what recruiters are looking at. Give employers a chance to put a face to the paper and make sure that your social media presence flatters your personality outside the confines of your CV.


With social media now acting as the primary platform of communication, it is important to ensure that you convey a professional image – photographs that present you in a favourable light are a must! Whilst the can of cider in your hand may make you appear favourable amongst friends, it is guaranteed to have the opposite effect to a potential employer.


Consistency throughout all of your social networking platforms exudes legitimacy – one of the main reasons recruiters turn down candidates after viewing their social profiles is CV fabrications and inconsistencies. Ensure that your experiences and qualifications match across all social networks with those listed on your CV. Whilst it’s positive to have recommendations visible on your profile, it’s important that these too are not fictitiously posted by friends and not previous employers and clients; According to an infographic by the Undercover Recruiter, twice as many men have admitted to fabricating references on social media than women.


Remarkably, employers are actually looking for your strengths and more of a reason to hire you, simply stumbling across your social flaws in the process! From creativity to communication, your social media profiles should demonstrate these strengths, what you’ve accomplished and what you can offer to these employers.

With the rate of social recruitment rapidly increasing, don’t let your online identity interfere with your job hunt!

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