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How to kick-start your mornings


Every day you wake up and for a brief moment, you dream of staying in your cosy, undisrupted bed until you finally come to terms with the fact you need to leave the beauty and comfort of it behind for work. Sound familiar? Try kickstarting your mornings with some of these tips; they’ll help you improve your productivity levels, memory capabilities, and motivation!

Find the Actual Problem

So you find it hard getting out of bed and kick-starting your mornings, so does everyone else. It’s the factors that make it a problem you need to focus on. If you have low energy in the mornings it might be because you’re getting to sleep too late, not exercising enough, or dreading your morning commute. Maybe it’s all three of these! Just be honest with yourself and find out what is really getting you ‘bogged down’. Once you’ve identified the problem, you can solve it!

Make the Best Morning Playlist

Whether it’s a bit of Beyoncé or Fleet Foxes that gets you going, curate a playlist that you can stick on when you wake up to kick-start your drive. Not a fan of music in the morning? Try a podcast. They’re a great way to feed your mind with educating, fun, and often just damn right silly content. Check out the 22 of the best podcasts out this year for some inspiration. According to some research, music can create a self-fulling prophecy so listen to positive music and start your mornings off in the best way!

Stop Hitting the Snooze Button!

I know it’s going to be hard but if you want to kick-start your mornings, you need to stop having “just five more minutes”. As soon as you close your eyes you enter back into a deep sleep, making it harder to wake up refreshed. Try using a smart sleep app; they have smart alarm that wake you up in your lightest period of sleep. Pressing snooze confuses your body so keep your fingers off the button, at least during the weekday!

Automate your Morning

The more you automate, the less you have to do in the morning. Just knowing you have to get up to put your coffee on is daunting so instead put it on a timer so you wake up to the coffee. Same goes for your heating; leaving you bed doesn’t seem so bad when your room is warm too. Try and get all the annoying life admin done the evening before. Iron your shirt, prep your breakfast, whatever you can do to make your morning smoother!