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How to reduce your carbon footprint this Christmas?

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but not for global warming. Every Christmas your carbon footprint goes up a size or two as we use more energy and waste more resources than any other time of the year.

Just your choice of lights can use 80-90% more energy, equating to nearly £5 more spend for incandescent lights compared to LED lights! So we have put together a short list for you to follow to help save energy and money this Christmas.

Time is of the essence

Put your Christmas tree lights on a timer or set daily reminders to switch them off before bed. At the end of the day, they not only cause light pollution being left on overnight but they aren’t being enjoyed by anyone apart from the odd woodland creature or city drunk at 3am in the morning.

Let Christmas dinner heat your house

Save some money on your heating bills and leave your oven open following use of it. It will not only cool quicker but the heat will fill your kitchen, keeping your family and you cosy all winter long.

Light up your life

If your Christmas tree and fairy lights are covering every corner of the living room, then don’t waste energy using other lamps and lights. You will enjoy the ambience they produce more and save energy or your regular lighting use, hopefully balancing out your electricity bill over the Christmas period.

Waste not, want not

This isn’t necessarily an energy saver, but it’s certainly a money saver. Don’t throw away your leftover turkey, ham and all the trimmings, but do something with them following the big day: Christmas dinner sandwiches, bubble and squeak or feed the dog.

Whatever you do, don’t chuck what you don’t get a chance to chew. You’d be surprise how long some foods can keep and it you know you won’t use it straight away, freeze it!

Sort your recycling

Your leftover wrapping paper and pile of empty envelopes stacks up to a lot of paper. Make sure you separate your rubbish into recyclables so that every Christmas card, every inch of wrapping paper and every cheeky empty bottle of bubbly gets a new lease of life.

Get wise with your washing up

With every Christmas dinner comes a big pile of plates to sift through. Try to make this as economical as possible by not running the tap to clean dishes but to use bowls of water instead. Put your dishwasher on a reduced heat and make sure it is as full as possible every time.


Christmas is always the most expensive time of year. Not only because of the countless presents we buy, the dinners we cook and the copious amounts of alcohol but because of our energy consumption. Whether it’s electric, heating or water, winter is the time of year that strips us of our greener ways, so why not make use of our tips and go eco-friendly this festive season?

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