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Outage season: why is security of supply so important?

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By Raphael Penque
Senior Recruitment Consultant
JDR Energy

Outage season is fast approaching and this summer has been a testament to just how important it is for departments of energy and utility companies to ensure not only that their energy output is consistent, but that it is reliable at the levels required by the ever growing population.

But for what reason?

Countries across the Middle-East and North Africa have been faced with up to 12 hours a week worth of power cuts. With summers soaring upwards of 40C and in a time where people are fasting, it is imperative that the ministries and respective governing bodies are delivering what the people need in order to diminish the frequency of these power cuts.


Whole capital cities have broken out in protest demanding additional power; last year, hundreds of Iraqi protesters took to the streets of Baghdad to protest against power shortages as the country experienced outages due to heatwaves aplenty.

Political unrest and elections in many countries within the regions only fuel the fire, meaning that it is not only essential for people to have the energy they need, but for leaders to achieve their political ambition; as this is an area that requires significant attention.

Energy demand is growing at a rapid rate

Energy demand has already been growing between 6% and 8% CAGR across the Middle-East. North Africa are not far behind, with demands estimated to grow an average of 8% by 2020.

For more information, see our latest posts on power generation in the Middle-East and North Africa.

The lack of energy, the lack of project developments and the civil unrest in many of these countries has put immense pressure on governing bodies to deliver on their promises regarding previous outage seasons and their ability to “provide power around the clock.” Ultimately, the Middle-East is having to up their game in the energy stakes, and spearhead a power generation movement for all to follow.

What’s next?

JDR Energy anticipate to see huge investment in fast-track power plant installations in order to ensure output into the grids by summer 2017.

We also anticipate strict contracts awarded to OEMs and Service companies as a means of delivering timely inspections and optimising machines, that due to demand of energy output, have not been serviced well enough over their intended lifespan.

We predict that we will see a number of temporary power projects awarded during outage seasons and summer seasons to consolidate power when machines are being serviced, as well as when peak demand periods arise.

Service providers, like JDR Energy, have seen the demand increase in our services in the way of more contracts being awarded and now being faced with strict resourcing plans, ensuring that we deliver the service required by our clients.

At JDR Energy, we have seen a number of successes over the last 6 months which have resulted in being awarded contracts for Major Inspections of GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi and Ansaldo Gas Turbines across the Middle-East and Africa.

It’s clear that the market will continue to demand the necessary infrastructure and expertise in order to support with the execution of these projects.

In addition, the demand for talent will continue to grow. Specifically personnel will be required that not only have the necessary technical ability, but also grasp the importance of their skills and recognise the impact they have on the customer and local people that are then affected.