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Six ways to sustain yourself until the next bank holiday

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After an extended Christmas break with bank holidays galore, we have found ourselves back to reality with a bang. Now, as the first working week of January has commenced and we begin to regain as sense of normality, some of us are already pining for some more well-deserved time off!

Whilst there are many bank holidays to look forward to, sadly there is a bit of a wait until the next one; with Good Friday on the 25th March.

But with the removal of the out of office reply and copious amounts of coffee literally drank by the gallon, how can we possibly beat the back to work blues and survive the next 11 weeks?

Take it slow

Ease yourself back into it. Make a plan of action instead of diving straight back into it, headfirst. Strategy wins in the long term and realistic and obtainable goals will motivate you over the next gruelling 11 weeks.

Stay positive

Positivity is key! A positive and ambitious attitude will allow you to remain focussed – your eyes on the prize making it easier to cope with the lengthy wait.

Take some holiday

Book some more time off and give yourself something to look forward to! Use the holiday as a reward; this will ultimately drive you forward and pave the path to your success.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Check your emails (just once!) before going back to work to avoid any unwanted surprises. Get rid of spam so that you don’t spend your entire first week trawling through endless amounts of emails and giving yourself the worst start to the New Year.

New Year, new you

Inspire yourself with a new project. Providing yourself with a fresh challenge will keep you preoccupied as well as engage you, thus increasing your productivity.

If you really dislike your job that much and it isn’t just the irrationality of the New Year kicking in, think out with the old, in with the new and immerse yourself in the job hunt.

Otherwise, the quicker you pass the flights of fancy aside, the easier it will be to wean yourself back into the swing of things.

Get organised

Let it go; delete your old unread emails, write yourself to do lists. The busier you are, the quicker the day goes – before you know it, it’s time for bank holiday!

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Focus on what really motivates you and set yourself a goal to achieve it. Whilst the wait until the next back holiday may be a long one now, the Easter break means two four day weeks and a long weekend!

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